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Tayrona Park

It is one of the most visited National Parks in Colombia, because it offers a true range of natural beauties, such as its beaches, its natural pools within the Caribbean Sea, or its areas for diving. It has an area of ​​15,000 hectares, of which 12,000 are land and 3,000 are marine. Through its limits with the Caribbean Sea, the inlets of Concha, Chengue, Gairaca, Neguanje, Cinto, Guachaquita and Palmarito are located. The main entrance is 34 kilometers from Santa Marta, and is reached by an excellent road (Troncal del Caribe), on the road that leads to Riohacha to the station identified as El Zaino.

There is a camping area where the visitor can set up their tent near there. There are sanitary facilities, bathrooms with fresh water, areas for roasts and kitchens. There are also Aboriginal type rooms, which are identified as Ecohabs. Within the Park you can rent horses that allow you an unforgettable experience, also can be reached by boat. Eye, you must require life jackets on lifeboats. Be very careful with bathing in the sea in areas where the waves are very dangerous.

Places of Interest: Places where camping is allowed: In camping and / or hammock; Cañaveral, Arrecifes and Cabo San Juan. In all the park there are sandy beaches and extensive, sea with waves where Surf is practiced, are the so-called “Nudist Beaches” in Boca del Saco 1 and 2; Underwater scenic beauty spots for scuba diving: Approximately 30 recognized dive sites throughout the Tayrona National Natural Park, to mention a few: Concha Bay in Punta Vía, Isla Aguja, Garnet, Neguanje, Cueva del Toro (a beautiful cave at 90 Feet of depth). Archaeological sites: Cahirama or Pueblito and the Sendero Archaeological Museum located in the sector of Canaveral. The orange trees and Mirador.