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It is a beautiful bay in which is located a picturesque fishing village that is only five minutes from the center of Santa Marta, so its access is easy and comfortable.

In Taganga the hotel offer is interesting and on its beaches, a little less visited than the Rodadero, you can enjoy the sun with absolute tranquility. Of course if you want to bathe your calm waters are perfect.

But in Taganga you can also find other diversions like diving or speedboats that will take you to Playa Grande, famous for its golden sands.

Another attraction of this pretty village is its craftsmanship, the fresh fish that is eaten in its restaurants and the legends that its inhabitants proudly count as the Curmudgeon, The Wandering Jew or that of a man who suffered a shark attack and Was miraculously saved, but left 263 scars of his teeth on his chest, affectionately called “Sobrado de Tiburón”.